Open letter to Residents re starting Neighbourhood Plan

Dear fellow residents of Isham Parish

Recent planning and infrastructure issues which affect our village, such as the bypass for which the funding has disappeared and the Logistics Park which has been approved by Kettering Borough Council, have shown that we are presently at the mercy of higher-level planning bodies – our voice goes largely unheard and decisions are handed down to us without meaningful consultation.

In order to redress the balance for the future, at least to some extent, it is proposed to undertake the preparation of a "Neighbourhood Plan" for Isham and a Steering Group has been established to start the process. Based on the experience of other villages this entire process will take some time, possibly 3 – 4 years. The group will be financially supported by the Parish Council and potentially other funding sources. The Steering Group will, of course, report regularly to the Parish Council. A Neighbourhood Plan will not give the village complete control over planning matters that affect us. It is, however, a means to exert some influence and be heard about what we would like to see, and not see, for our future environment, facilities and infrastructure. Other villages, such as Broughton, have successfully completed their Neighbourhood Plan and we will learn from their experiences as we progress with ours.

Please be assured that one of our priorities will be to keep the village informed and involved throughout and we will seek your views about what you want for Isham. Also, it is enshrined in the process that the final Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to a village-wide referendum before it is adopted.

The purpose of this open letter is both to start the communication process with everyone in the village and to establish if anyone has experience of such an undertaking and would be prepared to contribute to its completion. Equally, we would be delighted to hear from anyone with knowledge of planning processes and/or has contacts in the Local Authorities' Planning Departments or insights to their ways of working.

Our intention is to arrange a briefing meeting, including a Q and A session, around September time to which everyone will be invited. We will also issue a general update when there is something material to tell you! In the meantime, please do contact us at the email address below if you are able to help us or if you have any queries. At this early stage we may not be able to answer them immediately, but we will get there as soon as we can!

Our dedicated email address is and we will maintain confidentiality around any responses. Alternatively, please do leave a comment on the Isham in Touch Facebook Group.

Kind regards

John Davis, Doug Forrester, Tony Hanning, Liz Lovett, Marco Mauro, Bob Taylor

Posted: Thu, 30 May 2019 13:35 by Alison McLaven

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