Appeal Ref: APP/L2820/W/18/3208228 - Land at Kettering Southoff A509 north of Isham

We have received the attached letter from Kettering Borough Council informing us that they do not propose to defend their own Councillors decision to refuse the application at the inquiry. We have also been informed that the Borough Council of Wellingborough will also not assist at the inquiry in defending the refusal. This inaction by both of our local Borough Councils are to say the least very disappointing to us and no doubt not only to our Parishioners but to other Parishioners in neighbouring Parishes who are also badly affected by traffic because of the ineptitude and disgraceful inactivity of the Borough and Northamptonshire Councils in resulting in the so called Isham by-pass not being constructed to their own timetable that they set out in their own Joint Core Strategy. It is probably just as well they are all being disbanded but our fear is that they will just be reincarnated in another form come the setting up of the Unitaries. However, we will do what we can to reduce the effect of and delay the proposed DB Symmetry development until a by-pass is in place and hope that we will be supported by our friends and neighbours in doing so.

Posted: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 10:14 by Alison McLaven

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