The Ruts

The answers to questions from Laurie Edwards of Bruton Knowles regarding plans for the Ruts

Q1. I understand from speaking with Mr Prowse that the land known as The Rutts is to be used as an access route for equipment and vehicles involved in the construction of the Isham Bypass with a bridge across it at the top of The Rutts. Why does the land need to be purchased for this purpose. The Highway Authority's project engineers have advised that The Ruts is required as part of the scheme to enable an upgrade of the existing footpath to a bridleway leading to the accommodation bridge as illustrated on the attached plan. Access will be required both during construction and for future maintenance of the bridge. They do not anticipate this being a principle site access for construction of the road bridge but only a minor access for finishing work on the bridge and ongoing maintenance.

Q2. What type of equipment and vehicles will be using The Rutts to access the construction site. Also what will be the operating hours of these vehicles. The final details of vehicles needing to use The Rutts is yet to be determined. However, the size and standard of the access will determine that this will not be large machinery. Large machinery will access the bridge site via the corridor of the new road.

Q3. Will those residents and other authorised persons who use the The Rutts on foot or with vehicles be restricted as to when they can access it during the period of the construction scheme. This should not affect anyone who enjoys existing access and our client's contractors will endeavour to keep inconvenience during construction to a minimum. Upon completion of the scheme there may be an increase in foot, cycle and horse traffic as a consequence of the new Bridleway. There would not be an increase in powered vehicle traffic.

Q4. At this time The Rutts consists of a mud track sufficient for it's present use. Is it intended to upgrade the surface of the track making it suitable for construction vehicles. Also what surface will be left for long term use of The Rutts after the construction of the scheme has been completed. Large machinery will not be using the Rutts access during construction. However, any damage to the track by smaller vehicles will be rectified. As the route is to become a bridleway, the final surface of the track may be improved. The design of this is yet to be undertaken.

Q5. If the land is purchased and used for the purpose of access for construction vehicles and equipment what impact is this expected to have on local resident and for how long. The construction of the new road and the bridge will be done from the road corridor and will not require access via the Rutts. For a short period of time at the end of the construction period, access via The Rutts will be required to upgrade the path to a bridleway and complete the final surfacing work on the bridge.

Q6. I understand that the existing Public Footpath that runs approximately half way along The Rutts before cutting across an adjacent field is to be rerouted. Also that The Rutts will be reclassified as a Bridleway. Can you provide me with more information as to these plans. It is correct that The Rutts will become a Bridleway. The final detail of the design to re-route of the footpath is not yet done and can be provided once complete. It is anticipated the design will be complete by January 2018.

Q7. Is the Northamptonshire County Council going to retain ownership of the land on completion of the bypass. The current intention is for NCC to take ownership of the land following construction.

Posted: Tue, 01 Aug 2017 08:16 by Alison McLaven

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