Special General Meeting of Friends of the Lilacs Inn


As you know, we have been registered as an ACV and this, amongst other things, allows us to apply for grants .As discussed at our last meeting that in order to hold funds we need to amend our constitution. To this end we have received some pro bono (free) legal advice as to how we should be constituted.A draft of our proposed constitution is attached. On the attachment the words coloured RED will be deleted & replaced with the words coloured BLUE.

If you are not able to attend next wednesdays meeting (and many of you are away) PLEASE GIVE YOUR PROXY TO A FELLOW MEMBER OR OURSELVES.Looking beyond the next few months we need to decide, as a group, what our longer term aims should be:-

e.g. whilst obviously still keeping a landlord do we actually want to purchase the pub?We will explore the possibilities around this subject at Wednesdays meeting. Again, if you are unable to attend please let your views/proxy be known to us or someone who will be at the meeting.

On a completely different note - Several ladies have decided to play skittles after the meeting it will be totally informal, friendly & non competitive we're just learning! Please come & join in.Hope to see you on Wednesday

Kind regards

John & Heather

Posted: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 14:29 by Alison McLaven

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