Moved to Northamptonshire in 1990 from Greater Manchester, and lived in Isham on an off since 1998. Most recently moved back to the village in 2018 to start our family.

I am passionate about Isham's amenities, such as the Glebe Field and Isham Primary School. Since having my own young family, I have a greater appreciation for community, education and public services.

Professionally, I have worked in several commercial procurement roles for major retail and building merchant businesses for over the past 11 years, purchasing both goods and services. I am looking forward to the opportunity to put some of these honed skills to work within the community.

I am a very driven person and intensely motivated, keen to make a positive difference and more importantly listen to what people have to say. I want to represent local views, priorities and build strong relationships with the residents of Isham.

Contact on 07981609586