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The precept for 2019/20 is £27950

The precept for 2018/19 is £24,950

The precept for 2017/18 is £22,500

The precept for 2016/17 is £22500 which includes £3000 towards the Neighbourhood plan.

The Precept for 2015/16 is £19173.

The precept is discussed by the finance working group and then approved at the January meeting each year.

Financial Standing Orders


We currently receive no grants.

The Parish Council gives a grant of £400.00 to Isham Parochial Church Council towards the cost of the floodlights for the church.

The Parish Council also gives a grant of £100.00 to Connect 5 magazine for a summary of information relating to the village in each edition.

Expenditure over £100

Fixed Assets

Contracts Awarded

The contract to cut the village grass was awarded to 'The Mowerman' in 2014 for 5 years with an option to extend this for another 3 years.