I have lived in Isham for just over nine years, and have enjoyed seeing the community grow and diversify during this time. I have two teenage children, one of whom works at The Lilacs, and three young dogs. I also have four horses who live in the village too.

I am a qualified post-16 teacher, and am the Chief Operating Officer of a company that provides a nationwide service specialising in vocational education for adults, government funding for education and also community educational projects. I have also worked in the Private Security Industry for 24 years, providing security and event services nationwide and working closely with Police and Community Safety initiatives. I have extensive experience in security planning and projects, and vast knowledge of security industry and licensing matters. I am an avid promoter of rural and neighbourhood watch schemes, and would love to see something like this come to life again in the village. Recently, I went back to university part-time to study Law as a mature student.

I am passionate about animals, wildlife and conservation and am an active campaigner and advocate in these fields – I believe that these are also a very important part of our community and need as much protection as our human neighbours. Animal rescue and welfare is a passion of mine - I regularly fundraise for sanctuaries, assist in rescue and actively campaign against animal cruelty and abuse.

My hobbies include planning events, music, reading, walking/hiking, climbing mountains and (being Welsh) I live and breathe rugby! I enjoy comedy, spending as much time as I can with my dogs and horses and am an avid tattoo enthusiast.

I hope to assist Isham with community education projects, conservation and environmental preservation and supporting vulnerable residents or those in need regardless of circumstance. I look forward to listening to the views of our neighbours and taking these forward."

Contact on 07875009756